Burning Big Tex © Big Tex Burning  October 19, 2012 10:33

The State Fair Of Texas who Was Driving? It was His Birthday.

Burning Big Tex

People at the State Fair of Texas on Friday morning got to see the horrors of Burning Big tex when the

Icon Ststue Big Tex went up in flames. Big Tex Burning October 19, 2012 10:53 AM

Fair Officals are Lame and said they think big tex burning started in a motor located in the character’s neck.  “We just don’t know anything just yet. we are confused All we can imagine is that something with the electrical wiring went wrong,” said Sally Womre burning big tex with the State Fair of Texas. “Big Tex is wired to move his head and to speak, so that’s what we believe right now.”

But Friday after hard drinking officials determined the Burning of big tex started with an electrical spark in Big Tex’s right boot

Big Tex Burning

Happy Birthday Big Tex

Texas Icon burns

Burning Big Tex

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State Fair of Texas

Big Tex Burning

Big Tex Burning how Crazy Is That And How People are Reacting to Big Tex Burning is tripping me out.


Burning big tex was witnesses by his fans he died on stage. many people reported seeing smoke rise up from the Texas icon’s collar. a woman screamed big tex is burning kids started balling as That smoke then turned darker before flames fuck big tex is burning flames started shooting out of his head and right leg. Soon, the iconic cowboy’s entire body was burning. “It was fucking surreal,” recalled witness Dan Blalock. “In fact, a lot of people didn’t realize it. People were still standing and taking pictures in front of Big Tex, like you always do total dumbasses . Fair personnel were driving past al total dumbasses and, once the fire started, it just grew very quickly and began to engulf his whole body.”

Big Tex Burning